Video Files

The BentProp Project has accumulated a variety of video footage over the course of several years and several projects. We plan to create a number of video clips and make them available for you to download and view at your leisure. This page is where you'll find them.

Some of the clips listed here must be viewed using the free download of RealOne player. Others require the free Apple QuickTime viewer. And some require the free Windows Media Player. All of these viewers are easy to download and use - just click the links in this paragraph to check out the viewers.

How we identified the "Bridge Avenger"

Photographic evidence from the P-MAN II expedition in October 2000 helped to identify the type of aircraft at the "Bridge Avenger" site. The files linked below present the same brief video in two different formats. This video clip demonstrates how you can match an archive photograph of an aircraft with an underwater photo of a wreck of the same type. It simply "morphs" back and forth between a black-and-white archive photo of a TBM (courtesy of NASA) and an underwater color photo taken by team member Greg Kovacs at the "Bridge Avenger" site in October 2000, a wreck site formerly thought to be a Corsair.

The Nelson Corsair Tailwheel

The tailwheel of Quintus B. Nelson's Corsair lies in Malakal harbor. Here's a small video in RealMedia format that morphs between the tailwheel in the Nelson debris field and the tailwheel of a Corsair presently on display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola.

More to come....