The Present               

The stories of these World War II wrecks go beyond finding piles of mangled aluminum and iron. People died in these wrecks, fighting for important causes. Even more, the records and the people who were there tell of a peculiar time and place in which both sides of this "backwater" operation were increasingly aware that the war was going to end soon, and yet everyone fought, if anything, more fiercely.

I have attempted to bring closure to what happened to some who did not return.

The next few pages describe and illustrate some of the wreck sites we've found in Palau over the past few years. You can step through these pages sequentially simply by clicking the links at the bottom that advance you to the next and previous pages. To make it easier for you to navigate, each page also contains the following links, which you can use to take you directly to sites of interest.

 '603 Wing | Hamilton Standard Prop | Bridge Avenger | Peleliu SB2C | '058 B-24
  Swamp Corsair | Reef Corsair | Ridge Corsair | Swamp Avenger

Fast Forward to 1993                                   The '603 Wing