P-MAN XIII Final Report

Patrick J. Scannon, MD, PhD
Team Leader

The P-MAN XIII (2011) expedition was conducted between 1 February and 15 April 2011.

Unlike previous BentProp missions, the 2011 effort was divided into two separate missions. We've elected to call them XIIIa (1-17 February 2911) and XIIIb (19 March-15 April 2011).

The first mission's objective was exclusively to conduct Side-Scan Sonar (SSS) operations in conjunction with another organization with which we've worked before, to extend our knowledge of likely American WWII crash sites around Palau. The second mission's objectives included surveying Peleliu's landing-beach offshore areas for locations of landing craft that were lost during the Peleliu invasion in mid-September 1944, and investigation of several land-based sites of interest. It also included additional interviews of Palauan elders, which we try to accomplish every year. Here's where you can read the various portions of the P-MAN XIII Final Report:

P-MAN XIII (Pat Scannon)

P-MAN XIIIa (Dan O'Brien)

P-MAN XIIIb (Derek Abbey)

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