P-MAN XVI Final Report (2014)

Patrick J. Scannon, MD, PhD
Team Leader

The P-MAN XVI (2014) expedition was conducted between 15 March and 15 April 2014.

The Final Report presented here was prepared by Dr. Pat Scannon.

The report is presented as a downloadable file in PDF format, which you can either view within your browser if you have the appropriate plugin, or download and save to your computer to view with the free Adobe Reader application.

Here's the report's Table of Contents:

I. P-MAN XVI Team Members

II. Introduction to Findings and Events

III. Summary of Findings

A. Permitting and Notification Process
B. Objectives
C. P-MAN XVI Individual Target Descriptions, Findings and Key Events


Priority 1 (NT-1, B24 and other aircraft) and Priority 4 (NT-3), see also Priority 3 (NT-2)
Priority 2 (RT-1, TBM Avenger, Aimeliik)
Priority 2 (NT-4, Hellcat, Arakabesan)
Priority 3 (NT-2, Hellcat, SW Ngeruktabel)


Priority 1 (RT-2, POW Search, southern Ngatpang)
Priority 2 (RT-3, Additional POW Search, Northern Ngatpang)

IV. Ceremonies

Lt. Col. Billy Cantrell, USMC, Ceremony
R. V. Burgin, USMC, Ceremony
Governor Rick Perry, US State of Texas, Congressional Ceremony and Dinner

V. Stockbridge High School Summary

VI. Documentary and Film Productions

VII. Acknowledgements

Here's where you can download the 2014 Expedition (P-MAN XVI) Final Report. It's a 7.7MB PDF file, so be patient.