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Mystery Objects - we need your help!

Help us to identify some MYSTERY OBJECTS!

Over the years, the BentProp project has encountered objects — some by themselves, and some in clusters (debris fields) — that we and our many team members and colleagues have been unable to identify.

We've assembled some photographs and video clips of several of the more puzzling objects that we've encountered. If you choose to review any of the photos and video clips, and if you think you can identify any of the objects, PLEASE drop us a note and let us know what you thnk they are.

Each of the following links will take you to a description of an object that you may be able to help us identify!

Mystery Debris Field #1

This was found during PMANIV in shallow water near the shore near an old Japanese military boat repair area in the Koror area. Several pieces, none more than 2.5 ft X 4 ft, were found clumped together.

Mystery Debris Field #2

This was originally found during P-MAN II. This clearly is the debris field of an aircraft, most probably of American origin – this sits in ~3-5 feet of water on a coral head off the western coast of Ngatpang State (Babeldaob). Some 0.50 cal ammunition was found in the vicinity.

Mystery Debris Field #3

We were directed to this tank-like object during P-MAN IV. It lies on the southern beach of Ulong and is well known among locals, although no one knows what it is. At least one B-24, several US Navy fighters (Avengers, Corsairs, Helldivers, Hellcats) and several Japanese types were shot down in this area. This tank looks rectangular but actually has a trapezoidal structure and measures: ~ 7 feet long X 3 feet wide X 2 feet tall, containing 5 internal baffles with numerous 4 inch diameter circular openings in the baffles (probably inspection holes).

Mystery Debris Field #4

My wife, Susan, and I were taken to this propeller, sitting upright on a coral head. When I first saw it, the hub was exposed and identified it as a Hamilton Standard propeller. [We think we've solved this one! Follow the link for the explanation.]

Mystery Debris Field #5

This field is linked to, and a continuation of, Mystery Debris Field #2. This appears to be the leading edge of a wing (but may not be). It has one slot (light, camera?).

Mystery Object #6

In 2006, beside a long-abandoned road in dense jungle along a ridge line, Mike Olds and his trusty metal detector found some remarkable metal objects. They were not exactly buried - just lying under the decomposed leaves and vines that have littered the jungle floor over the past 60-odd years.