P-MAN VI Update #25
Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Today we made two more dives on the B-24 site. The objective of the first dive was to make a fairly wide five-divers-abreast sweep around the west, south, and east sides of the coral head, to see if there's any additional significant debris other than the major pieces that lie on the west and east slopes near the bottom. We're pretty confident that we've located all of the major portions where crew remains would most likely be concentrated.

On the last dive we did some more photo-documentation of objects that will be of interest to JPAC. While we were making a safety stop at 15 feet, Pat looked at the other four of us hovering by the reef, then turned and, as many of us have done as we departed the site, did a quick salute toward the tail section. At the very instant that he did so, he reports that five streams of bubbles emerged from the wreck and floated gracefully toward the surface. We'd been sticking our heads in various holes, and occasionally some exhaust bubbles would rise up into some of the inner spaces. That explains it, right?

Some people believe in ghost stories. Do you?

This morning, President Remengesau, at his weekly press conference, spent considerable time discussing the new B-24 site and the need to protect it. Late in the afternoon, we also received an advance copy of his press release (which may go out on Friday), which is based in large part on the material that Jennifer wrote before returning to California. His Chief of Staff urged Pat to reflect the President's determination to protect this site in Pat's presentation at Sam's on Thursday.

Tomorrow will probably be a data-analysis and planning day, and an opportunity for Pat to put the finishing touches on the presentation that he's going to present in the evening at Sam's.

Time for a CSF shot (cheap, starchy filler). We've been staying at the Lehns Motel, about halfway down the street where Joe lives. Nice, quiet place with plenty of room to do daily briefings and planning. That's our trusty Toyota van parked in front.

Onward and Upward! Strength through Joy!

- Reid