2014 BentProp Progress Report # 25

P-MAN XVI Update # 25 - After the...storm?

06 April 2014

Here's what everyone wants to know. The typhoon isn't. Not even a big wind today. I ate lunch and dinner on a covered outdoor patio during rain showers.

Palau's weather on Sunday and forecast for Monday:

Sunday: Over 150mm of rainfall and light to moderate winds occured on the island on Sunday. No damage reports being seen at this time.

Monday: Gale force winds still along eastern sea boards but rainfall will taper off along with gradually improving conditions throughout the day.

As you can see, the storm is passing just to the south of most of the islands of Palau.

Mark Swank arrived tonight. He's been a long time member of BentProp with a keen interest in Police Hill and the execution sites. He created a hypothesis that if you found a railroad crossing a road by a river, went a click up the road to an air raid shelter, make a 90 degree turn and go up to the ridge road, follow the ridge road to an old ammo dump you would find the execution sites which would include an L shaped trench. Well, we walked his hypothesis and it became a theory. Hopefully with Bill Belcher here, we can turn it into fact. Mark has come just for a few days to help with the searches.

Mark arriving.

Nell's Hellcat

The real thing.

Tomorrow will be a split-ops day. Some folks will go out on the boat and be searchers. Some folks will go with Mark and Bill to Police Hill. I think a couple of people are going to hike Arakabesan even without someone showing them where the airplane is and a couple of us will go out with the Stockbridge team.

- Flip

All photos © Flip Colmer2014

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