2014 BentProp Progress Report # 13

P-MAN XVI Update # 13 - Sean's photos for The Big Find.

24 March 2014

Getting ready on the big boat.

Big day planned.

Pat and flip went off with Eric and Mark.

A REMUS in its box.

More REMUS action.

Pat and Flip had a faster boat.

(4 pictures) Getting the transponders into the water.

Joe didn't have much to do most of the day. He was kind of bored.

Don't make Pat Colin mad by touching his floats.

The cradle for lowering the REMUS into the water.


She's a beauty.

Nell got in on the action.

Off she goes.

Reviewing some data.

Another REMUS into the water.

Eric joined us to review some data and find targets.

Pat enjoying the shade.

Monitoring the REMUS.

Flip was very excited to be there.

Pat was being very contemplative that day. I think he knew something was up.

Pat after the big find, interviewing with Nate from GoPro.

Pat and Flip on the way back to port. Pat was very content.

Telling Derek the good news.

TBM Avenger.

Going over how the plane might have hit the water.

The big three, posing for a picture.

Eric was very excited.

Working with GoPro has been great and they add a lot to the team.

Eric ordered a Mai Tai in honor of the fallen heroes.

The celebratory dinner with the Scrips and UDEL people.

- Sean Richardson (All photos © Sean Richardson 2014)

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