2014 BentProp Progress Report # 10

P-MAN XVI Update # 10 - Sean's 23 March photos

23 March 2014

Here is today's picture update for Casey and Sean. We dove with the Scripps and UDEL head honchos. It was a lot of fun, and their use of the handheld SONAR cut down on target acquisition time by many factors.

Casey finally smiled for my picture. I think it has to do with his proximity to Dan.

Big day planned.

Eric getting ready. Note the sunny weather. It didn't last.

Casey abut to throw the line down to mark the GPS point. We swim down
the line to find the target.

Meeting up with the guys running the UAVs. They were VERY excited
about some data they gathered that day.

Mark came out with us after lunch.

Our driver Spice is a cool guy. We hung out on the boat in the rain
and talked about Palau.

After meeting back up with the main contingent, we went to
The Taj so Derek could fill his gourd with butter chicken. Good food.

Robert at The Taj assailed us with a flaming sword of meat. It was amazing.

Derek showing off his illuminating personality.

Casey and Paul catch up. Paul is the resident computer whiz over at the CRRF.

Model planes for reference.


Mark always seems to be happy.

Eric always seems to be eating.

I like this picture because it looks like everyone is
surprised/intrigued by a find, but Lauri was just yawning.

No Derek, I'm not trying to take a picture of you.

Eric getting down and dirty with Google Earth and sonar data.

It's been a long day.

- All photos © Sean Richardson 2014

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