2014 BentProp Progress Report # 08

P-MAN XVI Update #08 - Photo Journal by Sean Richardson

22 March 2014

Nell had a spider friend in her shower trying to help her not worry
about REAL pests like roaches/ants/etc, but she didn't care and had
him evicted. He went on to a better life outside the hotel.

Nell Scannon on her first broat ride of the trip. Great Job!

Joe Maldangesang is an expert driver, and always smiles.


Pat might or might not be tired of me taking pictures of him. He'll
have to get used to it now that he's an international superstar.

Casey looking morose, as always.

Casey being an expert navigator and GPS-ing us to the target.

I didn't get the big deal with all the rain, but everyone else seemed
to dislike it.

Flip had to whip out the GoPro for the rain. Can't get his fancy
camera wet, I guess.

LifeProof has been thoroughly tested! Dan had a great time doing rain

After the first dive, everyone else had a little siesta until
the next dive.

I was too hyped up about diving so I meandered around
the boat taking pictures. Nell and Pat demonstrate that even
at 7 degrees north latitude, wind and rain on the water
can make you pretty chilly.

Casey sends a big smile to his mom: HI, MOM!

After the storm, the horizon took off work early and went home to
catch the new episode of The Walking Dead. Thanks!

Not a double rainbow, but almost as good.

Flip on the front of the ship (that's the proper nautical term), being
a placeholder for the glorious mermaid carving that I can only assume
is in the shop for repairs. He was a great analogue.

After diving, we dropped Pat off at Fish and Fins for some sort of
covert operation. Very hush-hush.

" Asian roof boat" was pretty cool looking. Still raining.

Meeting with Dan 2.0 at The Drop Off. This new model of Dan comes with hair!!!

Beautiful poke at The Drop Off.

Appetizers at ? (Umi), the new Japanese/Korean place in town. Their
sushi was actually pretty good.

For your relaxing times.

Night-time briefing with Eric Terrill at the Coral Reef Research Foundation.


Photos © Sean Richardson 2014

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