2011 BentProp Progress Report # 37

P-MAN XIII Update #37 - The "Millennium Biib" needs a tune-up. Back to Police Hill.

11 April

Flip went off to do admin work for the team. Everyone else sat and chatted with Melvin. Melvin went with us yesterday for half a day in the jungle. We are trying to get him to go with us tomorrow to Peleliu which is quite near where he says there's stuff. He runs a tour company, and if his customers are too jet-lagged to go out tomorrow (they arrive tonight) then he'll go with us. That will be exciting, as he said he's seen the items on the southern Rock Islands.

We went to Bem Ermii for lunch enroute to meeting Steve Ballinger and Jolie Liston. When we went to start the Millennium Biib (Our van's new name, a take-off from Han Solo's ship in Star Wars and the Palauan national bird. Some Palauans prouounce Biib as "beeb," some say "beep."), she wouldn't turn over. Luckily, Steve has a pickup truck that could accommodate most of us. So Dan and Flip stayed behind to get the van fixed while everyone else went up to Police Hill.

Our van has been graciously loaned to us by Mason Whipps. His main man Raul is our point of contact for repairs and anything to do with the van. Raul called his electrical guy, who came and got us running again. Meanwhile, Dan and Flip did a few errands via a cab that just happened to be sitting at Bem Ermii with the driver napping under a tree.

We then headed out and met up with the rest of the gang in a part of the jungle beside Police Hill that we call Area B. This is where Mark Swank led us a couple of years ago to what we think is the execution and burial site of some American POWs. Steve took his high-tech metal detector and scanned the entire area. Not even a beep. But there is one spot a bit away that produces lots of beeps. What does that tell us? We're not sure. That there isn't metal detected in the potential gravesite doesn't mean it isn't one. And that metal was detected in one specific area not too far away doesn't mean it is. Just more pieces to the puzzle because after all, "everything means something."

Jolie teaching us something.

Pat, Jolie and Molly working.

Steve looking for small bits.

Left: Millennium Falcon. Right: Biib, the National Bird of Palau

This year's Millennium Biib and crew.

Got off the hill after Jolie and Molly discovered ancient Palauan pottery shards. Jolie loves it when she goes hiking with us.

We had dinner with Pat and Lori Colin from the Coral Reef Research Foundation as well as Steve Ballinger and Cassandra McKeown from Cleared Ground. They've all been very helpful to BentProp, so we got our certificate of appreciation machine running again and awarded each organization one. Thank you Grover Harms, for starting us on this path.

Pat Colin and Pat Scannon

Lori Colin, Molly and Joe

Tomorrow we're off to Peleliu.

- Flip

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