2011 BentProp Progress Report # 36

P-MAN XIII Update #36 - Mantas! Prehistoric jungle! And a return to Police Hill.

10 April

Molly writes:

Okay, first off I have to say I am a bit traumatized two days in a row with some of my pictures on the website...I prefer to stay quiet...behind the scenes...and I guess I gotta work on my hair for underwater excursions...AND I lost my snorkel on that dive. It's right next to the LVT somewhere.

Anyway, yes, I got some great photos of our SECOND encounter with a manta ray - two days in a row! Here they are (I got video too but I think the file is too big for Palau internet):

Manta rays [Reid's all-time favorite sea creatures].

Melvin's beach where we found some aluminum.

Oh, and we discovered the Best Jungle Movie Set. It's something right out of Disneyland. I was waiting for a crocodile to come up and eat Flip when he got into the water. Anyway, we have a whole bentprop movie plot developing based on this scene. But I can't tell you any more - it's top secret.

A fabulous tree in the middle of the movie scene.

On our trek behind the German lighthouse,
here is Flip with his new "mini jungle tiara"

11 April

Today was an admin day in the morning, plus Flip's blueberry pancakes - they were fabulous. I also helped Joe with his computer. He wanted to set up Yahoo text messenger...did you know you can't pick Palau's zip code to set up Yahoo? We sorta fixed it.

Then we videotaped Melvin with HEAPS of new stuff! I think we talked to him for 2 hours. Then we went back to "Police Hill" with Steve, who brought his cool and super-sensitive metal detector. There was one area that appears 'interesting,' but we haven't found anything there yet. We marked it, though. Jolie joined us, too, which is so cool...and we found some ancient pottery bits!

Near "Area B" on Police hill. From a distance it looks like a lawn,
but it's all waist deep, and home to some very aggressive ground bees...

Now we are all getting cleaned up for supper at Kramers with our friend Pat Colin of the Coral Reef Research Foundation.

- Molly

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