2011 BentProp Progress Report # 34

P-MAN XIII Update #34 - Wesley gets his coin

[BentProp challenge coins aren't a gift-shop item. They're not for sale. They're not held by very many people, and the individuals who've received one have all made significant contributions to the team's goal of locating and identifying MIA sites. It always makes us happy to welcome another deserving individual into the ranks of special people who have earned the right to carry this coin. That's why Molly sent this addendum to yesterday's report. - Reid]

08 April

I wanted to add one more thing to the report on the 8th. During our "twilight zone" rain squall (no wind, just pouring straight down) where you couldn't see past the gunwales and there were NO waves...Wesley got his BentProp coin!

Derek, Flip, and Joe look on as Pat presents a well-earned challenge coin to Wesley.

Only the best get the opportunity to carry this coin.

Then Wes did not one, but two celebration laps around the boat (and it's warmer in the water anyway) with his new BentProp coin.

Swimming celebration laps isn't required after receiving a coin,
but Wesley did two - partly because it was warmer in the water...

We had a good day in the water and another great dinner at the Red Rooster/Palm Bay Bistro...Wesley's last night in Palau. We will sure all miss him, he's a great asset to the team.

- Molly

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