2011 BentProp Progress Report # 31

P-MAN XIII Update #31 - Molly renews a friendship. Wesley: snakes alive!

05 April

Today is an 'office' day. We are organizing interviews, some SSS hits/dive sites, making phone calls, looking at GPS waypoints, etc. Currently I am downloading the latest update to Garmin's PC software, since I am having Issues with my current copy and my GPS (oh my, the Internet connection is SLOW here). So I am taking a moment to chat. Oh, and we're all gonna be on TV tonight too...yikes! Refer all questions to Pat.

I know Flip already sent an update for yesterday, but I just wanted to say how great it was to see Jolie again. She is such a cool, happy and informative/interesting person. She certainly gets me interested in archaeology. Anyway, Here's a photo of Jolie and me before we entered the jungle to show her some potential archaeology sites that other teammates found last year:

Jolie Liston and Molly Osborne with clean shirts, BEFORE getting dirty in the jungle.
Compare with yesterday's pic taken DURING the jungle trek...

Wesley also found a baby snake yesterday too, picture attached. And he definetely ate something, his little belly was bigger than the rest of him.

Wesley and snake. That's Wesley's thumb in upper right, for size reference.
The snakes in Palau get even bigger than this, but not by much.

Oh, and we only had minor interactions with poison tree yesterday, otherwise everything was good! We all stayed hydrated, avoided any accidental 'whacks' with the Machete (got to use my new one a lot) and nobody got any ticks.

We had dinner at the Drop Off. It was a pleasant evening, with no rain. Then we decided to have Movie night...we watched Predators...(I think thats what it's called...and I really don't ever need to see it again....zzzzz).

Okay....back to check on my software download....

- Molly

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