2011 BentProp Progress Report # 11

P-MAN XIII Update #11 - Derek arrives

15 March

Did you know that they're putting in solar panels at the airport?! Way cool.

I made it without too much trouble. They tried to make me wait in Guam for an extra day again, but really they just wanted me to sprint across the airport to catch the flight for Palau.

I was the only one on the hotel shuttle for West Plaza Malakal, so it was a quick ride to the hotel. There's no Internet in the room yet, so I'm paying as I go for now. Hopefully we'll have Internet in the ready room tomorrow.

Yes, I forgot my notebook that had all of my to do stuff in it. I remembered as I was on the approach to Hawaii. I had written a note to myself about all of the stuff that I needed to take with me, but forgot to bring the thing that I wrote the note in. Hmmm... Anyway, thanks, Dan, for the info. Even better, think we need to make Angie, my girlfriend, an honorary member. I called her from Hawaii and told her what I did. So when I got here and logged on to the internet I had an email from her. She had picked up my notebook and transcribed my chicken scratches into a word document. Keeper! So now I have two digital backups.

Jolie dropped off a bunch of stuff, but she has more. Got the phone, but haven't figured out how to turn it on yet. I barely slept, but I'm not tired so I'm going to go to Krämers for a beer.

Semper Fi


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