2011 BentProp Progress Report # 03

P-MAN XIII Update #03 - A great water day

Friday February 4

Today was a great day on the water. A great day. Not because we found any aircraft yet, but because everything we did, boat wise, team wise, and electronically wise worked out. Plus the added benefit of no sunburn. Yet.

Our daily routine is to be standing on the boat dock at 6:30 in the morning. This is where we get picked up by a 30 year old landing craft. We then motor out to our search area that was assigned to us in our evening briefing, and we get down to work. For me personally, to be running with a pack of young, tough, professional kids, at the advanced age of 60 is a total grin in its self, but to be working with them as a cohesive, mission driven team, with a specific goal in mind is a true thing of beauty.

Rick finds the landing craft to be a good platform for the Marine Sonic side-scan sonar.

Case in point: Yesterday we found a number of shipwrecks. Today, we spent the morning completing our search area. On our way to our next assigned area, and this is way cool, we detoured to one of those shipwrecks and established GPS coordinates on the front hatch as seen on the sonar screen. Then we sent an ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle, i.e. a scuba robot) over the side and within 10 minutes, we were watching the deck of this ship on video. The technology we’re utilizing is amazing.

While Dan and I were sidescanning, Rick, Flip, and Joe went diving for a reported wing section south of the harbor. They dropped down twice with no luck, so that search may get pushed back to the March mission.
Signing off. Time to lather up with sunscreen and meet the boat at 6:30.

Paul Schwimmer

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