2009 BentProp Progress Report # 27

P-MAN XI Update #27 - Molly departs
11 March 2009

Molly really leaves Palau tonight. Late. Like actually 2:30 tomorrow morning. The trip back is no fun, and the movies that keep running in your head make it hard to sleep on the planes. Or for the next several days, for that matter. No editing for Molly this time. Here's her raw report. I have a feeling she'll make it back to Palau.

I'm writing this at 11:30 a.m. on the 11th, so that means it's 12:30 tomorrow morning in Koror and Molly is probably at the airport, waiting to depart. Safe trip, Molly.

- Reid

From Molly


oh my drepression sets in...I am packing right now & I need to finish w/ my computer so I can put it in my carry-on. (I have to see how much I can shove in my backpack- i am gonna be over weight when checking in me thinks). Then its the Last Supper at the Taj for Flip & I. I have decided that's my favorite restaurant in Palau....and Margie's margarita's are my favorite drink (I am sipping on one right now, they left us some yesterday)

Flip & I just got back from Sam's- quick interview w/ the paper...saw Joe & Esther for the last time (for a year) & Margie. I gave Joe 2 & a half hugs & Esther about 10. And Margie too of course- like 3 I think...she's a gem too.

ok, I need to go now (refill my margarita in my greiving process) and finish packing before dinner. Flip suggested a nap before dinner; I can't nap...and I can sleep when I am dead. I need to be awake as long as I can...to smell the palauan air...to absorb what I can before I leave....Flip & I leave soon...our flight is at 2:30am tonight/tommorrow am.

Pictures to follow when I get home...I really like the laughing buddha we found & I have to share...plus a pic of the Last Sunset at Sam's....and the bentprop coin with the rainbow....

till next year....

and Mission Accomplished on the POW's too Yeah. Go Katie & Mark on Police Hill. Yeah, they are the bomb...they did it. All of their hard work.

Next year Allison for sure, I can feel it. Thank you Jolie for the Maps, thank you Paul for your new waypoints.

Thank you all. Thank you Pat, you are an angel. ANGEL. Thank you to all my teammates for this opportunity, experience & new freindships And the opportunity to help give closure to families- Lets bring all of our HEROS home.



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