2009 BentProp Progress Report # xx

P-MAN XI Update #05 - Molly is the first to arrive
16 February 2009

This from Molly Osborne:

Hi all!

OK, my official arrival update:

My flights were uneventful & I arrived in Koror with no problem. What a wonderful feeling to turn the corner out of immigration and to see Esther's smiling face! Complete with hugs & gorgeous, wonderful-smelling leis for me - one from each family member (Doyle came along too - lots of hugs from him and even a kiss for me). Esther's sister Molly was also there! I did not expect to meet another Molly in Palau - pretty cool (did you know Molly is the number-one pet name in the UK and it's pretty high in the US).

The next day Joe showed me around Koror (gosh, can't beat that!). I got to see the Palau museum and Neco's museum as part of the tour. Both were very interesting - I learned more about Palau's past, including WWII and stories from Palauans regarding their war experiences and perspective. I am very glad I got to see the museums before we start this year.

It was really nice to finally meet Joe and give him a hug! I kept poking him..."is this really happening? Are you for real?" I have seen pictures, watched Last Flight Home, heard so much about him, and finally it's truly for real! I got to see Esther at work as well (Waste management & recycling for the state - I can't wait to show pictures of the recycling going on there to my sister Kathy...she's a civil/environmental engineer and will love to see that) and meet Quint, complete with hugs.

I also Met Jolie Liston toda - what a sweetie!. I will really enjoy working with her for sure this month (by the way, she is gonna lend us a phone to use, too!)

I got a bite to eat at NECO tonight and I got on a SCUBA trip tomorrow. Don't know where, but I do believe one place is Blue Corner (as recommended)!

Krämers knows we are coming Wednesday Flip (spoke to Jane, René's wife). Spaghetti night is on Tuesday, not Wednesday...but they will be open for a beer after your airport pick up (especially if you don't like the beer I am bringing!).

Also, the Post Office did have my package but I did not have the special pink slip to pick it up. After Joe's assistance and the hotel calling the main company's head office I got my box and also Flip's bag (good lord, what do you have in it? It's heavy!), and the boxes that Warren and Mark's sent as well. Post Office Mission Completed.

Weather: it was a great day - sunny, hot and humid, but not too bad, really. I am sure that will be different when I have more clothes on than my tank top/shorts and flipflops. My hair sure is curly.

Well, Sleep is calling me but I have done pretty well with the time change. No internet at the hotel in the lobby this year, but the internet lounge across the street where I am at right now is pretty nice.

Man, what a great day - really, words can't explain how great it was. I just know this is gonna be an amazing adventure - and it's already started!


And I'll reserve judgment for awhile about whether the following is appropriate for inclusion on this year's updates. If it looks like this is a trend, I'll shut it down in the interest of workload. I don't want to have to start calling this "eBentProp.com"

From an anonymous contributor:

Reid - looks like my cousin Beth has a special interest.... read below. FAN CLUB!

"... Send lots of pictures of Warren Bruce, he sure knows how to put a smile on a girl's face!..."

Ahem. No pressure, Warren...

- Reid

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