2009 BentProp Progress Report # 01

P-MAN XI Update #01 - Prologue
02 January 2009

Okay, only the hard-core BentProp fans will be reading this before mid February - but everyone is getting itchy for the 2009 expedition to get under way, so here's the first installment.

We've made hotel and flight reservations, we're continuing research at NARA, we're getting our jungle and SCUBA gear in order, and we're all starting to have pretty regular intrusive daydreams about being in Palau. We're looking forward to once again working with each other and with our Palauan friends in the field. Several of this year's team members will be making their first trips to Palau as BentProp members, although one of the newbies has been to Palau before as a sport diver. In a subsequent update, maybe we'll provide profiles of this year's team members.

- Reid

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