The following documents were donated by Michelle and Dennis Kleid with permission of Walter F. Brown, USMC, who flew F4U Corsairs and was stationed on Peleliu. They sent these items to us on March 4, 2007, with the following note:

"...we got a call from Frances Brown, the wife of Lt. W.F. Brown today, reminding us that on this day in 1945, Lt. W.F. Brown was pulled from the sea. See attached photo and two reports about that day. Maybe these items would make another good "archive" for the bentprop site."

Yep, they're right!

The documents linked below are in PDF format. One is the after-action report filed by the pilot of the PBY that picked Walter up after his Corsair was shot down over Koror.

The other is a report filed by a Marine combat correspondent who interviewed Brown after the incident.


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