P-MAN VIII Update #1
10 February 2006

Well, it's close enough to D-Day to go ahead and start updating.

First, a status report on this year's team members:

  • Dan O'Brien arrives in Palau on 12 February
  • Pat Scannon arrives on 13 February
  • Reid Joyce and Mike Olds arrive on 14 February.

Flip Colmer, who was in Thailand participating in the World Team 2006 atttempt to conduct a world-record 400way skydive, arrived at the ground in not-exactly-the-right way on one of the practice jumps earlier this week, and blew out a knee. So barring some kind of miraculous recovery (not out of the question for Flip), he'll be rooting us on from Michigan. I'm guessing that Flip will keep us posted on his recovery via his blog, but we'll have to wait and see.

We're bringing some cool stuff that's new this year - a metal detector, and some amazing satellite imagery that some friends in the world of intel dug up and made available. I'll provide appropriate credits when I've seen the photos (only Pat has seen them so far) and can figure out who all to thank.

Only a couple of days to go! Gettin' pretty wired!

- Reid