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P-MAN VII Update
16 March 2005

Wednesday, 16 March

We're all home safely. Not beat up too badly. Our heads are buzzing with the implications of the things we discovered during this year's mission, and plans for next year's.

We're wishing good luck and good hunting for the two JPAC teams that will be in Palau for recovery missions at three sites that BentProp teams have discovered and identified. One JPAC team arrived the day we departed, to do two recovery missions - one down on the island of Peleliu and one on Babelthuap, up in Ngeremlengui. The second JPAC team is scheduled to arrive in April, and they'll focus all of their attention on recovering remains from the underwater B-24 site south of Aimeliik.

We've met members of both JPAC teams, and we're convinced that the recovery missions are in good hands.If you're of a mind to send thoughts and prayers for the Americans who lost their lives at these sites and who have been missing for over 60 years, now would be a good time to do that...

- Reid