P-MAN VII Update
1-2 March 2005

Tuesday and Wednesday, 1-2 March

We again borrowed the Toyota Land Cruiser from Sam's Tours, and headed out on Tuesday morning for a road trip around Babelthuap, stopping at small hamlets along the way and interviewing elders who were alive during the war in Palau. We stayed overnight at a place up near the northern tip of Babelthuap on Tuesday night.

We're back now (it's Wednesday night), but it's going to take awhile to digest what we've heard in a bunch of absolutely fascinating interviews.

The gist of it is that we've got enough leads on crash sites to keep us busy for several days. There are a couple of planes in the mangroves in Aimeliik, one upside-down on the reef near Aimeliik, one south of the German lighthouse, and several others that we'll be pursuing over the next several days. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be boat days.

Thanks for being patient while we were bouncing around Babelthuap!

- Reid