P-MAN VII Update
25 February 2005

Friday, 25 February

We're still on Peleliu. Today we entered the jungle along the East Road, climbed past Horseshoe Valley, past the Wildcat Bowl and Death Valley, and over to Wattie Ridge to the west. We walked the top of the ridge to what appeared to be its north end, where it gets fairly close to the West Road. We then walked back along its east slope, about halfway down to the southwest, then along a well marked trail along the east side through Wildcat Bowl. We came out at the Japanese monument at the open end of Wildcat bowl. On the way north, we had examined the Avenger wing that's lying propped up on its trailing edge on the inner slope of a large cave. A notable feature of that wing is that the portion of the outer leading edge is missing - it would be the portion of the leading edge that forms the outer portion of the slot in the wing. Near the wing, we found some interesting objects.

After lunch at the Peace Memorial Park on the south shore, we we headed back in at our original entry point from the East Road. We crossed back over to Wattie Ridge, then moved along its west-facing slope to the southeast. That face pretty much parallels the West Road. Along that sweep, we found a single Japanese propellor blade, then a fairly broad area of debris that appears to be Avenger, including the missing piece of leading edge from the wing that's just over the ridge. There is also a collection of parts including a vertical stabilizer piece that has a white insignia and the numeral "6" on it. There's a left elevator with some loose pieces of fabric (including a complete plastic inspection ring and inspection cover with fabric still attached).

We exited on the West Road.

After dinner at the place owned by Tangie's auntie, we headed back to the hotel. I can't remember the last time I went to bed at 9:00 and slept all night...but it seems to be working here.

- Reid