P-MAN VI Update #24
Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The remainder of the article by Agnes Abrau is based on an interview done at Sam's Tours a few days earlier. The "contributed photo" was by Pete Galli. The newspaper stuff goes well beyond "gee-whiz," since people are becoming much more aware of the BentProp mission. The importance of protecting wreck sites (especially ones that are also technically grave sites) is being reinforced at every turn.

The actual work that we did today was continued characterization of the new B-24 site, and introduction to the site for Dan and Flip. We found considerably more debris in the cockpit area that absolutely confirms that it's the center of the cockpit, around the console between the pilot and copilot.

Each new discovery deepens our personal sense of the loss of this young aircrew. Tomorrow or the next day, we expect President Remengesau to send out a press release announcing this important discovery, and placing the full weight of his office behind the need to protect this site. It's already protected under Palauan law, but as an honored grave site, it'll take the commitment of the entire diving community to maintain the resolve to stay away as long as there are remains of the American crew aboard.

Onward and Upward! Strength through Joy!

- Reid