P-MAN VI Update #20
Friday, February 6, 2004

Today we had the honor of showing the new B-24 site to Tommy Remengesau, Jr., the President of Palau. The President is an excellent diver, and following our Tuesday presentation about the site and its historical and military significance to both the United States and Palau, he graciously accepted our invitation to join us on a dive there.

President Remengesau clearly understands and agrees with the need to ensure that this grave site of as many as eight American airmen is protected against the potential ravages of unscrupulous sport diving. It's hard to exaggerate the gratitude that we feel for the President's determination to protect the site and the honored memory of the men who are still entombed there. This aircraft was shot down over the city of Koror only a few days before the invasion of Peleliu. Three of the crewmen parachuted from the stricken aircraft. They were captured by the Japanese and taken to a facility near the Japanese police station in the state of Ngatpang, where they were subsequently executed.

The remaining eight crew members went down with the aircraft, which remained undiscovered until the BentProp team located and identified it on January 26. It is the third of three B-24s shot down over Koror and lost in this immediate area. The BentProp team (which earlier located and identified the other two) has been seeking this one for the past eight years. The find was an emotional experience for all of us, and we're greatly encouraged to know that the President shares our sense of reverence for the site.

Onward and Upward! Strength through Joy!

- Reid