P-MAN IV Update Series, #3
12 April 2002

Hello Supporters!

Okay, lessons learned for today:
1. Don't tie your wetsuit to a canopy rail even though everyone else is, yours will blow away.
2. Rules for adult supervision only apply to those who listen.
3. You can replace any lost item at a competitors shop if your shop can't/won't order it.
Today's journey took us back to the debris field we looked at yesterday. We found more wreckage, over a larger area than we thought including one substantial piece that suggests that a major section of the aircraft is overgrown with coral.

We spent a few hours mapping the wreckage. Max depth of our dive was 50 feet. There was a drop off further out that goes down to 200 feet. We elected not to drop down that far. We actually thought this through before going under the surface.

We got back to shore for a late lunch.

However, half our crew went to interview some old Palauans. They got some info. Then they went to the Palauan Senate. One of the senators introduced Bill Cantrell as a war hero and the entire senate stopped work so they could meet him. Pretty cool.

We came back to the room to set up a local ISP for email and surfing the net. This is tougher here than anywhere else I've been.

Now it's out to dinner, pick up the Nelsons at the airport. Jim and Neel Nelson are coming for a bit. He's the son of QB Nelson who was a Marine C.O. of a Corsair squadron in the war. They never met since Jim was born after QB shipped out.

Okay, everyone is starring at me while I type and are telling me to work on an Outlook Express version of email so we can use the local address.

Bye for now.

Blue SKies, Flip