2014 BentProp Progress Report # 17

P-MAN XVI Update # 17 - Sean's photos from 27 March

27 March 2014

Matt's helicopter. He saw some metal on a hill a while back
that he wanted to show us.

Joe was not very excited about flying, as he hates it, but he was
still enthusiastic about the mission.

(6 pics) Palau looks pretty good from the air! We got to fly through a
rain storm as well, which felt like an army of needles assailing my leg.

The Dixon wing that started it all.

Requisite heli-selfi.

Dan was all about it, but Joe was less than stoked.

Another nice view. Come on, admit it: you've never been anyplace else
that even comes close to Palau's beauty, have you?

Loaded with GoPro gear, Casey looked very tactical exiting the aircraft.

(3 pics) We went to "Mingles So Thai" to meet with Steve and Cassandra
from Cleared Ground Demining.

The sashimi was good.

Nell, being the fussbudget that she is, was resorting to fisticuffs to
make me stop taking pictures.

(2 pics) Steve and Cassandra are a lot of fun.

Casey giving me the stink eye. Again.
[Note from Reid: This is a great comparison:
Left = Active-dury Marine.
Right = retired-earlier-this-month Marine]

(5 pics) The fruit bat soup was pretty horrible, since they didn't put
any spices in it. The actual meat wasn't bad, and it was a lot of fun
dissecting the bat. I give it a 2 out of 10: would not recommend.

(3 pics) Some of us burned the midnight oil at Kramers.

- All photos © Sean Richardson 2014

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