2014 BentProp Progress Report # 1

P-MAN XVI Update #1 - Pre-deployment update

01 March 2014

The BentProp Project will start the 2014 mission in Palau on 15 March. It will be another month-long mission, looking for the clues to find WWII MIAs still in Palau. Pat Scannon will be the first to arrive and one of the last to leave. The rest of the team will be there for varying lengths of time. The cast of characters and links to brief bio sketches for them are on the page that brought you here.

Our collaborations continue this year. We'll be joining up periodically with Scripps Institution of Oceanography and University of Delaware to help with both underwater searches and aerial surveys of Palau.

Eric Terrill, Scripps team leader, and Mark Moline, University of Delaware team leader.

The underwater team from Stockbridge High School in Michigan is returning for their third year in Palau. They design and build underwater remotely-operated vehicles (UROV). They report that they have new designs for their vehicles and expect to further their success from last year. There will be three returning student members, five first-time team members, two returning teachers, and one first-time teacher coming to Palau this year.

L-R, on stage: Karly Kruger, Jeremy Spink, Maddy Armstrong, Emma Morris, Chloe Hypes, Luke Olson,
Skeeter Ballagh, and Blake Jackson. Bob Richards, front and center, is the team's faculty advisor.

And here's just a quick forward of some spectacular news for the SHS Underwater Robotics Team. Here is a note from their faculty advisor, Bob Richards, announcing their news.

If you see Shelby Hastings and Maddy Armstrong please congratulate them. (Flip's note: Maddy Armstrong is part of the field team heading to Palau this year, and Shelby Hastings is in the wings and going on the 2015 team.)

Their short film "Technology and the Path to Palau," received an honorable mention in the first annual White House Student Film Festival.

Here is the the note announcing their success from the White House:

Dear Student Filmmaker,

On behalf of the White House, we want to thank you so much for your submission to the 2014 White House Student Film Festival. This is the first-ever film festival at the White House and we were delighted to have received more than 2,000 entries that demonstrated so much talent, hard work and enthusiasm for technology and learning.

Your film was reviewed by our team, and we are excited to announce that your film is among those receiving "Honorable Mention" at this year's festival. Your video will soon be featured on WhiteHouse.gov/FilmFestival, and may be highlighted through White House social media channels.

Given limited event space, we are unable to extend an invitation for you to join in person. However, we hope that you will tune in to watch the Film Festival live on Friday February 28, at 3:30 pm at WhiteHouse.gov/filmfestival.

Attached please find a certificate confirming that your film is among those receiving "Honorable Mention." Please print and fill out the attached certificate for you and the members of your team, to commemorate this distinction!

Thank you again for your submission. We appreciate all of your hard work and wish you the best of luck as you continue your cinematic pursuits.

Here is a link to their short film:


- Flip Colmer

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