2009 BentProp Progress Report # 31

P-MAN XI Update #31 - Pictures album from Katie and Molly
14 March 2009

Both Katie and Molly sent some pictures a few days ago; I'm just now getting time to post them. Sorry for the delay. And thanks, Katie and Molly!

- Reid

From Katie

Mark getting started with spaghetti at Krämers.
This was before Krämers "discovered" that they were "out" of spaghetti,
preventing Mark from winning the challenge.

Mark and Warren at airport for departure.

Monkey at The Taj with bentprop scarf and San Miguel beer.
[The monkey was a guest, not an entree]

The team in the ready room with Derek Abbey hats.

Warnings on the door of the little freight elevator.

Ignore the warnings at your peril. Or your clothes' peril. Or Flip's clothes' peril.

From Molly

I have made it home safely and have managed to stay awake. Cool. I miss Palau, it went too fast.
Well, here's some pics:

The Peace Van. It was there for us...
and for Flip when he didn't get on the airplane.

One of our first sunsets at Sam's.

Lunch in the Jungle.

Paul and Warren fold a flag on the airstrip on Peleliu.

Joe with a hat. Looks a lot like Flip's hat.

Coin & rainbow, from helicopter.

Laughing buddha.

Last sunset at Sam's.

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