2009 BentProp Progress Report # 29

P-MAN XI Update #29 - Flash! P-MAN XI extended
12 March 2009

Let's see...40 boxes of frozen tuna, or Flip. Choices, choices. The e-mail exchange below pretty much reveals which is worth more, in the grand scheme of things.

Term definition: A "non-rev" is a deadbeat, non-fare-paying passenger, such as an airline pilot (e.g., Flip), who's trying to get on your airplane and ride free but has to compete for space/weight limits with revenue-generating stuff like other people and cargo.

Flip writes to Reid:

BentProp Newsflash---For Immediate Publication and Distribution

P-MAN XI extended for an indefinite amount of time!

Flip Colmer decided the mission is too important so he's staying on solo. He had that epiphany at 0245 on the 12th of March. Like a blinding red light flashing in his eyes. Or maybe it was the beacon on the Continental flight pushing back without him on it. No matter. He's back in the ready room looking for things to do to further the mission (and take up time until the 0110 flight to Yap on the 13th). Anyone want to add to the mission objectives?

Reid replies:

Uh...was this an involuntary extension, courtesy of Northwest, or was missing the flight something more Freudian?

And Flip explains:

Weight restriction. For some reason Continental wanted 40 boxes of frozen tuna to go to Guam vice us non-revs. But as we always say in the airline world, "time to spare, go by air." Besides, as you know, there is nothing Freudian about me. Now why do I say that?

I'll try again tonight via Yap. Might get stuck there but at least I can have a little adventure for a few days.

Sorry, Flip...

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