2009 BentProp Progress Report # 23

P-MAN XI Update #23 - Molly parties in the weeds
10 March 2009

Molly The Party Giirl reports below that her idea of dressing up and going out to a party includes tromping around in the weeds and finding airplane parts. Molly's a keeper.

From Molly

09 March

Well, a short update since I am just wiped out. We all had the Palauan sleeping bug today and we all had a hard time staying awake - 4 interviews with one having some potential good leads. More sites to work on for next year for sure. Also, as you know, we are a smaller group now....Pat left last night and Rick the night before...

Anyway, we did all stay awake tonight for Dave and Margie's company and one "Bob's Special" [a drink named after the late Bob Holler, 2007 BentProp team member] to share. It was such a special moment to have one Bob's Special for me and of course, I shared it with everyone. It's definitely different, but really good. We also had a shot of Dave and Margie's tequilia and then went to Krämers for what would most likely be, our last supper together till next year. It was a good day.

Did I tell you about the Air Force Civic Action Team's party yesterday?**

I don't think so...it was good...and in BentProp fashion we went to check out some Wildcat plane parts in the field next to the old power plant (in Airai) which was only gonna take "10 minutes" per Pat. So here we are in our party clothes, goin' through some elephant grass to look at wing parts...and we found more parts that we had to ... uh ... brush some dirt off of. Man, we were a mess, and 10 minutes turned into an hour. The AirBees** were understanding, of course, at our delay and even provided tours regarding stuff they had found around their camp up the road - an old Japanese structure that looks like it's getting remodeled, complete with a big cave under it....hmm... interesting. I will post a very cool picture of a Laughing Buddha that was in the yard.

Well, it's really winding down now....Katie's and Paul's last day is tommorrow, and it's gonna be a part errand day. And Flip finally gets to "act like a kid" and go see some fish tommorrow.

I'll just send one picture tonight - I'm falling asleep on my keyboard. It's the laughing buddha from yesterday's adventure during the AirBees' party. [Note: the photo hasn't yet come through because of continuing Interntet problems in Palau. - Reid]

**[For years, the Civic Action Teams (CATs) in Palau were always detachments of Navy SeaBees, who came for several months at a time to do local civil-engineering projects and teach related skills to young Palauan apprentices. The Palauans greatly respect these teams, and have developed the habit of calling them "The SeaBees," rather than use their functional name, "CAT." Recently there have been several Air Force CAT teams alternating with the Navy SeaBee teams, and the Palauans have had some trouble NOT calling them SeaBees, which kind of grates on proud Air Force members. We've tried to sort of split the difference and call them "AirBees." - Reid]

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