2009 BentProp Progress Report # xx

P-MAN XI Update #22 - Traveling companions
09 March 2009

Pat left Monday night to return to San Francisco. Even on airplanes, the adventure continues.

- Reid

From Pat

09 March

Just to keep life interesting in an ongoing way, I sat next to President Johnson Toribiong on my Guam leg (I got upgraded). I did re-introduce myself and he immediately remembered our presenting him with a scarf during his campaign during P-MAN X (photo at right © Laura Regan, 2008, when Ambassador Toribiong was still a presidential candidate). He could have stopped there but he continued by asking about the mission and expressed particular interest in our Ngatpang work. When I mentioned a possible JPAC request for at least a new search, he requested being kept informed as he would personally like to visit the area to honor the prisoners, priests and airmen alike, if an excavation should occur.

President Toribiong was on his way to see Hillary Clinton and I wished him a productive visit. What I did not know was that Dr. Vic Yano, Palau's former Minister of Health whom we know well, was in the row behind going with him. When we landed, Vic said " hi, Pat!" which surprised the President but Vic rapidly explained in Palauan what we have been doing at BentProp - which made the President more interested. Vic said to be sure to say hi to the BentProp gang (his words).

In departing, the President said if we need help to let him know. He meant it.

Nice way to close my part of the mission, although I cannot wait to hear what the remaining four found today!

Aloha and off to SFO.


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