2009 BentProp Progress Report # 20

P-MAN XI Update #20 - Wil's passion, a new (old) map, and team departure schedules
07 March 2009

Wil Hylton left Palau a couple of nights ago, before he had a chance to add his comments to those of others who had had the pleasure of watching him eat fruit bat at Carp (Restaurant). But true to his profession, as soon as he stepped off the plane back home Wil sent the following update, with this comment: "A man can only conceal his passion for sucking the brains out of dead flying rats so long before it screams out to be heard!"


And following Wil's account of his rodential epiphany, Flip reports on something that's typical of our field projects - tapping the resources back home to support real-time field investigations.

- Reid

From Wil

06 March

Hah! Much as I hate to admit, [the fruit bat] was pretty tasty! Well, except the fur. That was gross. But I thought the intestines were pretty flavorful. And the tongue had a nice consistency. And the brain was downright delicious, like foie gras. It's true: I ate Katie's and Doyle's [brains]. I couldn't help myself. Even the wings were okay, kind of like overcooked spinach. You've had it, right? Not too shabby, for a drowned flying rat! I'd definitely order it again. It was just the skin, especially the part around the face, that I'd avoid next time. Other than that, count me in! The meat was no different than turkey.

Just got home to Charlottesville moments ago. Mixed feelings, man. Hard to believe PMAN XI is over for me already. I mean, I'm ecstatic to see my wife and son, absolutely delighted. But man. Palau...

How much longer until P-MAN XII?

From Flip

[I received the following request from Flip a couple of days ago. - Reid}

Do you have the original May 1947 GRU listing of crash sites in Lat/Long? If so, would you send us that listing of lat/longs uncorrected for any bias. We may have found the 1944 map that these coordinates were based on. Pat...says it was a summary document created by GRU for the lat/longs of their work. It came from one of our NARA searches before Katie, maybe 8-10 years ago.

That's as much as we can remember.

[After an ugly, protracted search through several years' worth of data, I found a file and sent it. This is Flip's response - Reid]

You hit a home run. Thanks. We plotted the point for Allison using the original coordinates on the original map. We have a different location for him. And it isn't going to be pretty. Still north of the river, but up in the really craggy mountains. The elevation lines are really close together on the topo. But hey! That gives us something to look forward to.

[We all knew in our hearts that we aren't finished with our search for Allison... - Reid]

Team departure schedules

Just as this year's expedition started with staggered arrival schedules, the team is leaving for home over a several-day period. Some have already left. Rick Smith leaves on the 8th; Pat Scannon leaves the 9th; Katie and Paul leave the 11th; and Molly and Flip leave the 12th.

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