2009 BentProp Progress Report # 15

P-MAN XI Update #15 - This says it all
02 March 2009

Jimmie Doyle was the nose gunner on B-24 '453, which was shot down just north of Koror on 1 September 1944 and which the BentProp team finally located in Palau in 2004 after a 10-year search. JPAC did recovery missions on that underwater site in 2005, 2006, and 2008. Their recovery teams located several sets of remains, which were returned for identification to JPAC's forensic lab at Hickam AFB, Hawaii at the end of each of those missions. Until identification of all remains from a particular site is as complete as they can make it, JPAC generally does not release information about any individual from that site. The following note was sent to us today by Jimmie's son, Tommy Doyle, and his wife Nancy.

From Tommy and Nancy Doyle

2 March 2009

Hi Everybody...that would be any and everyone currently or in the past connected with any part of the discovery or excavation and recovery of the crew of the '453 whose email address I have...

We got it, Guys...OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION OF THE IDENTIFICATION OF JIMMIE'S REMAINS RECOVERED FROM THE '453. Saturday we attended our 4th DoD POW/MIA Family Update in Albuquerque. Johnie Webb and Tom Holland personally gave us the notification.

We're on the last leg of this long, long road...and it's all because of you and many more.

Please feel free to pass on this news to anyone else who should know.

We'll be in touch.

We love all of you.
Nancy and Tommy

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