2009 BentProp Progress Report # 12

P-MAN XI Update #12 - Rick, Molly, and Warren contribute
26-27 February 2009


From Rick Smith

Sorry for the lack of detail, had to run out before breakfast to send this! It will be Day 4 on the water today. Malakal Harbor has 12-15 targets we are looking for, and that's where we are concentrating today and yesterday. We have learned a great deal about u/w searches from our navy friends and are starting to accumulate a string of potential candidates from the side scan sonar. When the whole team switches over from land to water, we'll be ready with several "interesting" sites to dive on!

From Molly Osborne

We found better internet, at the Abai Coffee house! Yea!

Palau is wonderful and it's going too fast.

From Warren Bruce

26 Feb

Today the team conducted split operations on land and water. The land team was joined by two Navy Divers who were extremely helpful in cultivating Bent Prop's side scanning sonar setup on the boat. In addition to viewing the several known areas of Japanese occupation, they helped our team continue search operations supporting this year's mission on Police Hill.

The water team continued developing tactics, techniques, and procedures with the side scanning sonar in the waters west of Malakal and Ngerchaol.

27 Feb

The entire team had the day off today and toured the battlefield of Peleliu. We visited White Beach, Orange Beach, and Bloody Nose Ridge, where the Marines conducted extremely fierce fighting in 1944. In addition, we took photos with Old Glory at the runway intersection of Peleliu airfield, with Bloody Nose Ridge in the background. An incredible tour by our guide Tangie.




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