2009 BentProp Progress Report # 11

P-MAN XI Update #11 - More jungle and water
25 February 2009

Today only Flip reported. Here's his input.

From Flip

We had another split ops day. The water team went out and did some more side scanning sonar work. With help from The Navy, they have improved their skills and product. Tomorrow, we swap out a few people and they will get some guidance from Rick who heads our water team and from our Navy Diver friends.

The water team found a ship, already known and found another ship which might not be known. As they found out, finding a ship by SSS is one thing. Actually getting to see it another. The current was strong and they could not dive onto it today. To actually take a peek, might require another day of diving.

They also found some junk in the water that was N.S.J.: non specific junk. However, it might lie in the flight path of an Avenger we have been looking for. This will be a good target site for sweeps to see if we can discern any aircraft parts.

The land team went out to Police Hill and looked at areas "C", "D" and a new one, "E". C and D had very little to show us so those two alternate execution sites have been eliminated. Area E is the possible site of the Sumida Unit Dispensary. The Sumida Unit was a transportation company and their first-aid area was mentioned in the War Crime Trials. We thought that if we could find that area, it would help solidify Mark's theory about the execution site, or at least the path the POWs traveled to the execution. All we can really say is that there were Japanese military living in this particular woods. Nothing very helpful was found in there.

After we got out of the woods, we hiked back to the van and headed north. I decided to take the new folks out to an area we thought the executions had taken place. We felt so good about it we made a presentation to JPAC. Well, Mark's theory is much better but I thought a look at the old site would be a good data point for everyone. Joe and I showed them the Japanese concrete bunkers. We also showed them the ancient Palauan artifacts that Jolie taught us about two years ago. Then we ran out of water in our backpacks so we went home.

A quick change and a few of us went on a grocery run. Nine folks sure do eat a lot. When we got back we had a good debrief. Then out for a quick dinner and now it's off to bed. We are all whipped today. Our exertions are catching up to everyone. So a good night's sleep is just the thing.

More later. And more pictures too. I really did not shoot much today. But here are a couple I did take.

Molly finds her first stuff. Insulators.


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