2009 BentProp Progress Report # 03

P-MAN XI Update #03 - Almost ready to go, and an update of an update
03 February 2009

Only a couple more weeks remain before the 2009 team begins to arrive in Palau! People will be arriving a few at a time between 15 and 19 February.

News flash: within the last few days another member has been added to this year's team. Wil Hylton, author of the extraordinary article "Leave No Man Behind," which appeared in last June's GQ magazine, will join the 2009 team for the first couple of weeks. Since you may already have read Update #02 in which the 2009 team was introduced, I urge you to go back and re-read it, to catch Wil's biographic sketch and a couple of admittedly weird photos of him. In the GQ article, which is absolutely required reading for anyone who appreciates what BentProp is about, Wil profiled several people involved in JPAC's recovery missions to the Arnett B-24, which the BentProp team found in 2004 (after a 10-year search). He got to know several of the JPAC people and MDSU-1 divers who worked the B-24 site on three missions, and he also spent some time getting to know Tommy and Nancy Doyle. It started out as a cool story, but over the course of telling the story, he really "got" the BentProp mission. He's going to fit right in.

- Reid

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