Memorial Service for the crew of B-24 #42-73453
Arlington National Cemetery, 29 April 2010

Joe Maldangesang in unfamiliar surroundings and gear but looking sharp!

The Old Post Chapel

This casket contains remains of all eight crew members of the '453

The caisson about to depart

En route from chapel to burial site, we were in a bus, not a car with a sunroof.
But Flip found a way to keep his record intact...

Arriving: Soon-to-be-Master-Chief Master Diver Rod Atherton, Wil Hylton, and Lieutenant Commander Andy Baldwin.
Rod and Andy were part of the third and final JPAC/MDSU-1 recovery team at the underwater crash site of the '453.
Wil wrote the extraordinary GQ article that many of you have read.

Coming home

Respectful hands

Second row, seated: Paramount Chief Reklai, Palauan President Johnson Toribiong

The President speaks with family members

Safely rest

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