About Sock Brigade

The Sock Brigade was established in 2008 as a means of providing our soldiers with warm and comfortable alpaca socks. Our soldiers experience freezing temperatures in the field of duty, and the right pair of socks can make all the difference.

For our troops stationed overseas, even the smallest comforts and reminders of home are very much appreciated. Through the efforts of our wonderful alpaca community, we have touched the lives of many soldiers who are putting their lives on the line so we may enjoy all the freedoms that we have in this country.

Send socks to our troops today!

Email us at wapalpacas@frontier.com with the contact name, email, and APO address for the unit you want to send socks to.

Because warm feet are NOT a luxury.

"Help keep our soldiers' feetsies warm. Donate to the Sock Brigade!" -Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop- The Official Spoke Sock of the Sock Brigade

Lamb Chop

The Official Spoke Sock of the Sock Brigade

How the Sock Brigade all started

"Got any special requests for your next care package?," Barbara Coleman asked.

Barbara's son, Army Sergeant Micheal L. Coleman, was stationed in Iraq since 2006, and his answer to her question was very simple - alpaca socks!

Barbara Coleman and her family had been raising alpacas since 1998, and Mike knew the value of a pair of alpaca socks in freezing temperatures. He said, "Everyone complains about his feet freezing all the time." So he asked if Barbara could talk to some of her "alpaca friends" and see if they wanted to donate a few pairs of socks to the troops. Emails were sent out to approximately 300 alpaca breeders across the country, and the response was overwhelming.

Mike's platoon numbered at about 250 soldiers. Over 500 pairs of socks were donated to them!

And so the Sock Brigade was born.

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The Support of the Alpaca Community

Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works is the official supplier of the Sock Brigade. They are the makers of the luxurious Adventure Sock.

This Kentucky based fiber mill turns soft fleece sheared from alpacas into yarn to make the rugged yet comfortable socks that will be sent to our American troops through the Sock Brigade.

Donate your alpaca fleece!

In the name of Sock Brigade, Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works is accepting donations of both suri and huacaya fleeces 3-5" in staple, 26 micron or less sent as individual blankets. Please do not combine blankets. Include a note with each blanket that it is a donation to Sock Brigade.

This fleece can be a charity donation, tax deductible, if you like. Just follow up with Sock Brigade and request a receipt for your donation.

Ship to:
Flaggy Meadow Fiber Works
2110 Mackville Road (KY-152)
Springfield KY 40069

Flaggy Meadow will then pay a generous $6 per pound to the Sock Brigade for the fiber.



Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association

The AOBA is now a partner with Sock Brigade! AOBA will announce special programs that will allow its member and the entire alpaca industry to contribute to this effort in supporting our troops. This partnership will also raise awareness of alpacas and alpaca products.

"Our soldiers put themselves in harm's way every day to protect our freedom. Let's show them how much the alpaca industry in the U.S.A. appreciates what they do for us."

AOBA- Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association